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Building Dreams.

Pluxcon API

Build Faster.

Our API development services eliminate the need for extensive and time-consuming custom development. We provide streamlined solutions that allow for efficient integration and the rapid creation of new products.

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~ curl
  "api": {
      "redirect": "Redirect URL API",
      "statistics": "Statistics URL API"
~ curl -v
< HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
< Server: Express
< Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2023 04:54:36 GMT
< Content-Type: text/html
< Content-Length: 154
< Location:
Pluxcon IT

Reach Customers. No Hassle.

Our extensive and optimized network infrastructure ensures the lowest possible latency for seamless connectivity with users.

Well Connected Network

Connected to multiple internet exchange points such as SIX, KCIX, STLIX, HOUIX, KleyReX, and ONIX, our extensive network includes over 700 peers and 7 transit providers. With a capacity of over 50Gbps+ on each node, Pluxcon IT is equipped to handle even the most demanding network usage spikes.

Highly Secure

Located in a Tier-3 certified datacenter and with our own rack equipped with multiple security measures, our infrastructure is highly secure. Our infrastructure has automated system updates that are implemented without interruption, further ensuring the security of our infrastructure.

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~ deplux/DepluxCluster npm start
Starting Deplux Cluster Auto Deploy...
Looking for database.sql file for Docker
Found, Looking for config.yaml file for Docker
Kwabang / K-Twitch-Bypass

본 프로젝트의 서버는 Pluxcon Network USA LLC 의 후원으로 유지되고 있습니다.

The server of this project is maintained with the support of Pluxcon Network USA LLC.

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Team Pluxcon

You Build.
We Maintain.

We believe in promoting sustainability of open-source technologies. We offer hosting infrastructure and mirror services to lower the cost of maintaining open-source software and to foster the development of new and innovative technologies.

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