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Empowering Innovations, Together.

Pluxcon is a parent company that incubates multiple IT SaaS Products and Hosting Infrastructures. We help prospective product designers and developers develop their applications on our platform.

Pluxcon's Origin, Team Deplux, started on Jan. 2021. Team Deplux has created multiple products, including Deplux, in hope of helping other prospective developers to host their applications without hassle. Although Team Deplux went on indefinite hiatus due to a lack of funds, Pluxcon Ltd was born from such experiences.

Pluxcon provides API Services, providing Link Redirect functionality, and more, and Hosting Infrastructure located in Frankfurt, Kansas City, and Toronto. Although you might think Pluxcon is a regular IT Startup business, we are more than a regular IT Startup. We focus on our vision of growing together and are dedicated to startups' hardest problems.